Death Abroad


If you have come to this page needing support after the death of a loved one overseas, firstly please accept our sincere condolences.


Secondly, rest assured that through our dedicated team and partners we will do everything we can to make this terrible time that bit easier for you.


We can't make it better, we can't mend it. But we can help you cope with it.


An unexpected death, whether through the acts of another in murder, manslaughter, even terrorism, through natural disaster such as an earthquake or freak weather incident, through sudden illness, a tragic accident, a death on the roads or even suicide can have a long and profound effect of those left behind.


The process of dealing with affairs and coping with the loss at home is hard enough, but when the death occurs overseas there are a whole lot of new concerns and considerations.


Practical matters, such as whether to have the body brought home for burial, can be fraught with underlying concerns such as whether the police in the country will allow the release of the body.


We have many years of experience in helping families in these situations, and unique knowledge gained from years of professional service helping victims and their families as well as people who have actually been there - the only people who really can say 'I know how you feel'.


We won't cry out for change or lobby for your rights. There are plenty of other organisations and people ready to do that. What we will do is endeavour to provide practical help and logistical support - rather than complain that something isn't right for you, we will try and find a way to make it right. 


In many countries the process following a death of a foreign national can be very long. You should be prepared for a long journey, sometimes over ten years in complex murder cases.The Lucie Blackman Trust will remain with you throughout - for as long as you need us.


Many of the services we provide are listed below, as well as some of the things we can't do. We will explain what help is available to you, through us and our partners, and explain why it is that certain authorities can't do that certain thing you think they should.


Our partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is long standing and grows ever stronger and closer. We are able to liaise with them on your behalf, chase them for updates, ask questions to the right people.


Whatever your needs, if you or your loved one have been the victim of a serious crime abroad, we can help. Every case is different so please contact us with as much information as you can. We will quickly respond to you and help wherever we can.

What we can do:


  • Source the cheapest flights for you - in some cases free - for travel in the next day or two or up to a year in advance.

  • Arrange complete travel with competitive accommodation, hire cars etc

  • Provide full information on visas, innoculations etc. when you need to travel.

  • Arrange low cost translations, in some cases free of charge.

  • Provide you with a list of English speaking lawyers and other key contacts

  • Manage the media for you and issue statements on your behalf.

  • Make every effort to recover property left behind after a crime.

  • Assist you with repatriation of victims medically unable to fly.

  • Advise and assist you with options for burial or cremation after a death

  • Put you in touch with a wide range of specialist charities working specifically for victims like you.

  • Provide fundraising campaigns and access to grants if available.

  • Liaise with police and government at home and overseas on your behalf.

  • Do everything possible to ensure religious beliefs and ceremonies are upheld after death.

  • Provide limited legal advice - though we advocate appointing a lawyer in country after any crime.

  • Put you in touch with people who have been through the ordeal you are facing to share feelings and emotions.

  • Provide remote viewing facilities for overseas trials here in the UK where allowed by the court.

  • Try our best to solve the problem nobody else can.


What we can't do:


  • Pay for your travel - we have a small discretionary relief fund which we use for dire emergency cases when fund allow.

  • Interfere with, pressurise or campaign against a country's police or legal system - but we can make sure everything that can be done is done.

  • Pay for repatriation - but we can arrange the best services for you.

  • Get someone off a charge or out of prison - but we can make sure they are being looked after as best as they can be.

  • Guarantee the services of or endorse any of the lawyers or other professionals we provide details of - though we do our best to provide trusted service information.

  • Pay for translations or interpreters - but we do have an extensive group of volunteer translators who do work for us free. Court-admissable documents do cost money but we can arrange best prices.

  • Lobby government or other authorities to change the law or processes.

  • Pay for funerals or cremations - but we can help you fundraise to meet the costs.

  • Cover costs of emergency travel documents or emergency passport / visa applications - but we will help you through the process as quickly as possible.

  • Guarantee the provision of a service we have arranged where the non provision is out of our hands - though we do make every effort to avoid this and ensure full contingency plans are in place.

  • Guarantee your safety if you travel to a known dangerous location against ours and government advice.

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