Lucie Blackman





Lucie Blackman went to Japan after working as an air hostess for British Airways. She worked in a hostess bar in Tokyo, seemingly living the dream whilst serving drinks and singing karaoke with Japanese businessmen.


Suddenly the lives of her family were turned upside down with just three little words - Lucie is missing.


There followed several traumatic months of searching and trying to keep her story alive in Japan.

Faced with red tape, culture differences, massive financial costs and language barriers, Lucie's family continued relentless in the search.


Tragically, that search finally ended with the discovery of Lucie's dismembered body, in a seaside cave.




There followed a protracted and painful legal process taking over ten years and making headlines across the world.


We believe that no family should go through the same experience they had to, and this Trust in Lucie's name and memory is that vow realised.


The Lucie Blackman Trust has assisted thousands of families facing the most disatrous situations overseas, and provides the unique expertise, practical help, advice and support needed by Lucie’s family.


Drawing on this experience, The Lucie Blackman Trust is a vital point of contact for families suddenly confronted with the unthinkable, providing access to both knowledge and, where possible, finance to ensure that every effort can be made and all support given as quickly as possible. 

Current Missing

Benjamin Garland

July 27, 2020

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